About Cesar

Lifelong learner committed to serving others

Cesar started his career in healthcare at the age of 17.  He worked in a not-for-profit organization in the Physical Therapy department.  He learned to appreciate working directly with elderly and frail patients in the post-stroke transitional care unit.

He later joined administration assisting in various capacities, until he was recruited as the Director of Marketing services in 1995.  He quickly established himself and delivered proven results.  Cesar was embraced by great mentors in the industry and was encouraged to continue his education and become an Assisted Living Administrator and later a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

In late 2000’s, Cesar could see that the healthcare landscape was changing and saw an opportunity to assist struggling physicians to innovate care delivery and business models.  He founded, along with some partners, Specialty Healthcare Management Group as a consulting and healthcare management firm.  During his tenure as a CEO, he has been able to provide services throughout the United States and in various Asia-Pacific countries, such as China, Philippines, and Thailand as an example.

His Vision

Working with numerous technology companies, Cesar sees a future where connected health will be able to assist an aging population age in home environments and receive care by people in their communities.  In Cesar’s view, there are a number of environmental factors that will challenge the future models of care delivery such as labor shortages of care-givers, physicians, nurses, and allied health care providers.  Payment models will shift and institutions will be transformed from profit centers to cost centers and, more and more people, will try to consume healthcare in home environments.

There is a convergence of technology and heath care consumerism that will challenge health care business models and force providers to innovate to meet the needs of a new empowered health care consumer.  These services will include home-based technologies that harness the power of big-data and machine learning.

Thus, Cesar’s research interest and passion has led him to care-coordination models where regular people are caring for neighbors and technology plays an integral role in delivering health care, health advice, health care education, and coordination of services outside of the typical brick-and-mortar institutional care.

Cesar Landeros in CCTV China News


Research Interest

Futurist mentality with experience and a strong healthcare academic foundation

Cesar is a Doctor of Science: Administration of Health Services (DSc) candidate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and has focused his research work in the area of technology and chronic care.

There are major implications associated with care financing, care delivery and population changes.  First, the Affordable Care Act has introduced alternative payment models that will shift the incentives that drive how providers render services.  Secondly, the rapid growth of consumerism is changing the relationship dynamics between patients (consumers) and health care providers (producers).  Technology is a significant driver in consumer behavioral shifts and is taking place through a variety of channels, such as websites, mobile apps, retail clinics, and non-medical providers.  Lastly, the aging population and workforce shortages will create unique environmental needs that require new models of providing services through the use of technology and integration of elements of the sharing economy.


Healthcare-oriented research and world-wide experience is integral for a futurist perspective.  Cesar has garnered lessons from China, Thailand, Switzerland, Philippines, Canada and Germany health systems through research and direct application.


Caring for people is not a career...it is a calling.

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